NOLATAC Training Center 

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Membership Details

Please understand that as we progress with development of the range, membership management will fluctuate. It will always be moving towards you getting more, but please be flexible. It is for this reason that we are giving the early members supporting us 2 years for the price of one, to offset any inconvenience they may experience as we grow and offer more benefits and make our process for members more efficient. 

Membership Benefits

  1. Access to range by appointment on available days: Currently Thursday, Friday, Sat, Sun, and Monday from 10AM - 6PM (or sunset if earlier) on pre-scheduled periods available on the calendar link above. 
  2. Free Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit classes at NOLATAC Training Center or St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center for member and one (1) guest. 
  3. No Range Fees on any outside or NOLATAC courses hosted or taught at the range
  4. 50% Discount on NOLATAC handgun, carbine, shotgun, vehicle, medical, low-light, etc courses taught at NOLATAC Training Center (subject to change or cancellation)
  5. 15% Discount on Xtreme Xperience at NOLA Motorsports Park  (subject to change or cancellation)
  6. 15.00 Karting at NOLA Motorsports Park Karting (subject to change or cancellation)
  7. 15% Discount on NOLA Riding Academy's Motorcycle Experience at NOLA Motorsports Park (subject to change or cancellation)
  8. Four (4) Free guest passes per year. Additional non-member guests may shoot with a member for $40.00 per day. There is a maximum of Two (2) Guests per Member at a time. Members wishing to host larger events or rent out a full bay privately for a period of time should contact NTC and we can accommodate daily rentals for groups. 
  9. 10.00 Firearm Transfers at St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center

General Membership Rules

- A valid Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit, law enforcement commission, valid military ID, TWIC card, or valid federal firearms license, will serve as proof of a background check. Otherwise, we will run a full criminal background. We are only looking for those charges that would exclude a person from purchasing a firearm (most felonies). 

- No member gets a membership card or is allowed to shoot until completing the orientation and qualifying on the range they intend to use. There will be a pistol, shotgun, carbine, 500 yard, and 1000 yard, and full-auto qualification. Once you have completed the qualification, you are certified unless range staff feels the need for a refresher due to your behavior on the range. This is 100% at the discretion of range staff.

- We intend to have a very liberal allowance of behavior as long as it is safe. That means you will be able to utilize movement, drawing from the holster, utilize cover, shoot on steel targets, and other things not traditionally allowed at some other ranges.

- The SUPREME RULE of the range property is REMAIN SAFE. For the most part, you will be able to do any reasonable activity that is safe in context and does not destroy property. Ultimately, range staff makes the call.  

Membership Caveats

The primary purpose of the NOLATAC Training Center is to provide TRAINING for law enforcement, military, and responsible armed citizens. As such, there may be times where the range as a whole or particular assets of the range are not available to members because they are being utilized for other scheduled events. The NOLATAC Training Center reserves the right to limit availability at its sole discretion. Every effort will be made to communicate BLACKOUT DATES to members via the FaceBook Page, Website, emails, and other means. As the range grows over the next year, this will become less and less of an issue as we have multiple bays available for member-only use. 

The NOLA Motorsports Park is sometimes exclusivity sold out to various clients that require 100% exclusivity. In those very rare events, the range will not be accessible to members. These times should be rare and planned well in advance. However, given the unique ability to have a range with the various unique amenities we will have in such an accessible and well furnished location, so close to the city requires some level of sacrifice. 

NOLATAC Training Center is located on the NOLA MotorSports Park in Avondale LA just 20 minutes from New Orleans.

Contact Us
Phone: (504) 982-5433

11075 Nicolle Blvd.    Avondale, LA 70094

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